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Questions to ask Yourself Before Buying a New Floor

The options are endless when it comes to choosing the right flooring for you space. Ask yourself these questions to help assess your home’s flooring needs so that you can narrow down the choices.

Where is the room that is being renovated and how will it be used?
Basements and all cement floors are more susceptible to moisture than upstairs, therefore, you must consider those limitations. If it is for an entry area or a play area for pets and/or children, look for flooring that can handle wear and abuse.

Is the area susceptible to spills like in a kitchen or high moisture like in a bathroom? 
Over time, carpets can become rippled (like bacon cooking) in a humid environment, and hardwood can warp and buckle. Ceramic however, or luxury vinyl tiles or planks could be a great alternative. It is also easy to maintain and comes in an extraordinary variety of shapes, colors and textures to suit your personal taste or décor.


Do you plan on installing heated floors?
Not all floors are compatible with all heated floors. Ceramic, most laminates, and some luxury vinyl tiles or planks are suitable for radiant heat.

Are you concerned about colour and scratches? Do you have young children and/or pets?
The colour of your floors is very important as it will impact on the look of the entire room.
- Lighter floors can make the room feel larger, however, it will show stains easier as well as wear.
- Darker floors can make a room feel cozy but you will see dust and pet hair easily.
- Neutral tones will make it easier to change your home décor down the road without having to redo your floors. Neutral tones can also accommodate colourful decors easily.

Take into consideration that if you have young children and/or pets, hardwood floors of any kind will eventually have dents and scratches but it will show less on a neutral-coloured floor with more pronounced wood grain. Also note that hardwood floors can be sanded, stained and/or re-varnished down the road.

Will your new floor coordinate with other floors and style in your home?
Sometimes contrasts or different textures may compliment your overall style or colour scheme. Creating interesting patterns or blending materials or even adding a splash of colour on your walls or décor may enhance your design. You can add colourful area rugs to create the look, warmth and style you are looking for.

Are you concerned about allergies?
Hardwood floors, laminates or ceramics trap fewer allergens than carpet flooring. However, the fact that carpets are trapping those allergens, may be the key to less of a reaction from you. Allergens stay on top of hard surfaces and are therefore easily propelled in the air, so more harmful for you. The secret is to keep those floors as clean as possible and vacuuming your carpets will act like a clean filter on your furnace.

What type of carpet should I use for my stairs?
Contrary to popular belief, a Berber type carpet, in most cases, is not the best option. Because this is a loop type of carpet, and in most cases the loop being quite large and not as dense, your carpet will tend to flatten easily. Using a twist type of carpet, you will have more fibres per square inch and being a straight pile will not flatten as fast.

Can you install your new flooring yourself?
Some floors are easier than others to install. In the case of hardwood floors and laminates, normally each box comes with installation instructions. We’re sure there are also all kinds of instructions on all kinds of flooring you can find on the internet. However, you must also consider the possibility of having to repair a faulty sub floor (squeaky floors).

Also note that you must safely dispose of your existing floor. Be prepared for possible mistakes and thereby ruining part of your new flooring. In that case, more flooring can be ordered unless you bought a liquidated or a discontinued product. Please verify ahead of time. In any case we can install all that we sell at an affordable price and in a professional way.

Have you thought of these additional costs?
Over and above the installation fee, you have to decide if you are going to do the following, otherwise, factor in those costs:
1) Will I remove and safely dispose of the old flooring?
2) Will I prep the sub floor, like removing staples? Does it need reinforcing?
3) Should I have the sub floor screwed due to squeaks?
4) Do I need to replace my quarter rounds?
5) Will I be moving all the furniture and appliances?
6) Do I need to lift and/or replace my baseboards?
7) Will I remove and reinstall my toilets?

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