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Beautiful Flooring Options: Get Inspired

Over the years we have installed beautiful flooring in many homes and in business spaces, creating the look and feel our customers desire. From warm hardwood, to soft and modern carpet, Millennium Floor Covering in Orleans can help you decide on the ideal flooring for your room.

If you are selecting flooring for your new house or looking to renovate your old floor, it is okay to be confused about your choices. With so many styles, materials and finishes, it can get daunting to finalize one. But some design inspiration is all you need to find that perfect flooring that will transform your rooms.

Hard Surface Flooring or Carpets

It could be a hard decision, but deep down you know whether you want a clean-look water-resistant hard surface flooring or plush soft rugs in your favourite texture. When it comes to hard flooring, you can have tiles, vinyl planks or wood. Each of these options will give your floors a unique feel and functional advantage.

Carpets and rugs are versatile and are available in different colours. With stain-proof and pet-proof varieties, you can have durable flooring that you will love.

Living room leading to an open sitting area

Trending Flooring Designs

Flooring trends can be an ideal source of inspiration. Here are some of our favourite flooring trends:


Wood-look tiles and laminates

These flooring options bring the feel of warm wood and rustic interiors. They look like wood but are scratch resistant. For homeowners, these are easily among the hottest styles today.


Patterns in Black and white

Tiles with patterns in black and white are all the rage. They give the floors an elegant, bold look. It could be a simple checkered style or a more intricate geometric design, but these colours make every floor stand out.


Textures on wood

Wood flooring will never go out of fashion. They bring a certain charm to every room. With textures like wire-brushed and fully distressed, wood flooring can add a lot of character to the interiors.


Blonde flooring

Blonde flooring is going big. Although neutral colours like gray are still popular, blonde can make every room feel bright and airy.


Luxurious in black

Imagine a textured carpet flooring in black adorning a bedroom. Nothing can look and feel more luxurious. Even walls and furniture get a lot of highlights when the floor is a darker shade.


Waterproof vinyl

Durable and water-resistant, these flooring options are giving kitchens and bathrooms a classy look. Water-resistant tiles are not the only option anymore.

Our Gallery, Your Inspiration

Take a look at these photos for inspiration, and let us know if you have any questions about our products or services.

Please click on any photo and then switch photo with the < or > arrows to go to the next picture in order to see an enlarged photo and have more time to admire the effects of different flooring.

Flooring You’d Love

We have countless flooring options in the highest quality!

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