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Millennium Floor Covering: Orleans, Ottawa's One-stop Flooring Store

We welcome you to visit us to pick from quality products that add value and beauty to your space.

A bathroom painted in pastel green with a bathtub and two sinks

Flooring Store in Ottawa & the Nearby Areas

At Millennium Floor Covering, we take pride in providing quality flooring that brings vibrancy to any space. Our flooring store in Ottawa has been in operation since 1996, and has provided premium products to endless clients like you. Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor, we can aid your renovation project with our products, ranging from hardwood to carpet flooring


Please visit our flooring store in Ottawa, Orleans and the nearby areas to learn more about our products.

About Millennium Floor Covering

Our aim is to be leaders in the flooring industry in the area. With over 40 years of experience, our team of expert craftsmen ensures to provide the perfect solutions for all your flooring needs. From trendy designs to superior quality, we strive to stay right on top.

Tomorrow’s Designs at Yesterday’s Prices

Feel the comfort and durability of fine flooring beneath your feet when you step onto the carpet, hardwood or tile from Millennium Floor Covering in Orleans. We're the flooring store Ottawa-area clients trust for a wide range of high-quality products. Come visit our 5,000-square-foot showroom and warehouse in Orleans, Ontario, serving Ottawa and the outlying areas. For new construction and renovations, Millennium Floor Covering gives you flooring selections from the most respected suppliers to give your home or business lasting visual appeal.


Contact us for a free estimate to schedule a floor consultation in Ottawa and the surrounding areas for the floors you’ll love forever. We carry floors of all materials including:

Our Products

Study Desk and Lamp

Sustainable Bamboo Floors

Want to know how bamboo flooring can affordably change your decor?

Floor Carpet
A bathroom with two sinks

Grand Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

We provide tiles of traditional and modern designs for you to choose from.

High-quality Carpeting Solutions

Our professionals offer carpet flooring installations with a 1-year guarantee.

Living room with white furniture

Looking for Stable and Soft Floors?

We install eco-friendly cork floors with diverse shade and texture options.

An empty room with a fireplace

Hardwood Floor Supply & Finish

Give your properties a luxurious look with the wood floors we have to offer.

Laminate Flooring

Easy-to-install Laminate Flooring

Our store carries scratch and stain-resistant floors you have always dreamt of.

Living Room with Hardwood Floorings

Need Durable and Resilient Floors?

Want to know how bamboo flooring can affordably change your decor?

Flooring Installation

Top-grade Vinyl Floor Installation

Our professionals offer carpet flooring installations with a 1-year guarantee.

Inspiration Gallery

Glance through the mesmerizing flooring options we offer and paint a mental picture of the designs that suit your style.


Millennium Floor Covering has countless choices to fit your decorating needs. Depend upon us to carry the best floor materials from major manufacturers. View our supplier's lovely products, some of which we have on display in our showroom. Millennium Floor Covering gives you the styles of tomorrow at prices you can afford today, all with manufacturers’ warranties and guaranteed installation services.

When you’re looking for great flooring options in Orleans or Ottawa, trust the team at Millennium Floor Covering. To find out more about what we offer at our flooring store, Ottawa-area residents can contact us today.

Bedroom with a single sofa


We invest a lot of time and effort into becoming the trusted flooring store in the sales of flooring products and installation services in Ottawa. We have been reputed among homeowners and contractors in the area since we started operations in 1996. Whether you are planning to repair or renovate the floors of your home and office, we are the ones to call because of our:

Experienced professionals

With over 40 years of experience, our team of expert craftsmen will provide the perfect solutions and o all your flooring needs.

Easy and reliable service

We maintain stocks and supply a range of flooring materials, but we can also rely on us for quick and expert installation services and design support to make the process as easy as possible!

High quality and classic materials

Our team works with some of the industry’s finest flooring suppliers to provide beautiful, functional and top-quality floors that last long.

Range of products

We can work with a wide range of flooring solutions and materials that offer endless design possibilities for all your needs and any budget.

Affordable and modern designs

We stay updated with design trends and techniques to make our products and services affordable, whatever your budget may be.

Excellent customer satisfaction

We are trusted and reputed in Ottawa for our products and services that meet your expectations and exceed them! Have a look at what our customers have to say about our work.

Free estimates

Based on your requirements, we can help you get a free estimate to help you decide on the best investment for your home and comfort.

Help with Insurance claims

We work with insurance companies for inspections, estimates and budgets to help you recover from damages caused by fire, smoke, water, vandalism and other unfortunate and uncontrollable events.

Contact us now and talk with our friendly staff - we will be happy to help you!


Proper maintenance of your floors and timely replacement of your floors can help prevent pest infestation and safety risks and benefit your family’s comfort and overall health. New floors are an investment that can save you a lot of effort in the long run. If you happen to see the following signs on your floors, it may be a good time for you to consider replacing them:

Usage and wear

While most stains can be cleaned, stubborn stains, deep scratches and cracks need attention as they can be susceptible to rotting, water damage and pest infestations.


Bulging, dark stains, cupping and mould are some signs of flooring damage caused by water. You can call our professionals to help you if you’re unsure about the best course of action.

Makes a noise

Most causes of creaking or squeaking of floors can be fixed with a simple repair. Improper installation and subfloor damage can also cause noise. It is advised that you should get a professional to inspect your floor as it could be rotting, which will lead to more problems if left unattended.


A good clean should usually leave your flooring looking fresh again. Sometimes, the discoloration can be caused due to deeper issues like mould, which can be more harmful and cause health issues.

Gives off unpleasant odours

Stains, mould and accidents caused by pets will cause unpleasant odours on your floors. Most of these can be cleaned with regular cleaning and maintenance, but once smells get through to the subfloor, you will need a flooring replacement.

Causes allergies

Dust, pollen, and mould can also make a home in your flooring, giving you allergies. If you and your family regularly face these issues, it might be a good time to call us for an inspection.

Old and outdated

Designs and trends change with time, and so do our styles and preferences. We are happy to help you update your home with modern designs and flooring materials.

You can read our blog for some helpful information and look at our inspiration gallery for some great ideas to help you pick the best flooring options for your requirements. Of course, you are always welcome to call us or visit us at our store to speak to us in person!


The following are some frequently asked questions about our floors:

How Much Will My Flooring Cost?

There is no set standard for the price of flooring. The price depends on factors such as the type of flooring, the amount of flooring required and more. Please contact us to get a quote.

Which Flooring Is the Best?

Every flooring type comes with different advantages, making them ideal for diverse needs. To narrow down your options, we recommend paying attention to the following considerations:

  • The area where the flooring is to be installed

  • The foot traffic

  • Your budget

  • Your taste

How Much Flooring Do I Need?

The amount of flooring you need depends entirely on the size of the space. To get a clearer idea, please contact our team to discuss your requirements. 


Do you have any more questions for our flooring store in Ottawa? Please contact us today. Besides this, you can view our blog to acquire more valuable information.

Living Room by the Balcony

Testimonials from Our Clients


“Recommended by my carpet cleaner. Carmella was the contact from start to finish. They were on time & on budget. Good value for the quality and complexity of the job (a multi level turning OLD staircase). I would use them again.”


- Robert S.B., Google User

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