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4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Planks of different wooden flooring

Durable floor coverings are essential unless you prefer costly and time-consuming floor maintenance. When you add in the need for design variety, it becomes tough to locate a flooring solution that fits all your requirements.

Thanks to advances in the flooring and printing industries, vinyl flooring could be the answer to all your flooring questions. Durable, water-resistant, easy to install and economical vinyl flooring is superior to other types of flooring.

Not sure if vinyl flooring is the best option for your home? Here are the top 4 benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

  1. Resilient and Durable The best part about vinyl flooring is, without a doubt, its resilience and durability. You can count on vinyl flooring to look good as new for years, even in high-traffic areas in your home. Vinyl can withstand high heels, moving furniture, spills, and anything else you throw at it. And because each sheet is thin, vinyl flooring can handle shifting foundations without cracking or warping. Once it’s installed, you can count on vinyl flooring to liven your home for years to come.

  2. Water-Resistant Other flooring types, such as hardwood and laminate flooring, absorb moisture and warp over time. Vinyl, on the other hand, is completely nonporous and can withstand high moisture levels. This makes it perfect for mudrooms or entryways as it holds up to dirt, sand, rain, and snow. For high-moisture rooms, you can get 100% waterproof backings for your vinyl. These are made from plastic or cork and add an extra layer of protection against water.

  3. Painless Installation Vinyl is incredibly easy to install because of its drop and lock system. Each piece fits into the surrounding pieces like a puzzle, and it creates a water-tight seal along every seam. Even homeowners new to DIYing will find the installation process intuitive and efficient. Vinyl can be installed over existing flooring and can be walked on about a day or two after installation. This means no demo, no mess, and no delays on your room transformation!

  4. Endless Versatility Due to advances in vinyl printing technology, you can find luxury vinyl with any combination of colour, pattern, and even texture. You can use vinyl to mimic expensive materials like marble tiles or hardwood to achieve the look of your dreams without breaking the bank. Some vinyl styles allow you to include grout lines to make it look like real tiles. Because it’s scratch-resistant and nonporous, you can use vinyl flooring in any room inside your home. Get the appearance of any flooring material without worrying about damage in wet zones such as bathrooms and kitchens. The only place you can’t use vinyl flooring is outside, as high heat from the sun can permanently warp the material.

Transform Your Home With Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring offers versatile designs and guaranteed durability. Whether you're updating your bedroom, entrance, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom, vinyl flooring is a reliable and impressive base for building your space design.

Ready to update your home with the best vinyl flooring? Get in touch with us at Millenium Floor Covering today to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring or any other flooring options you’re considering for your home.


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