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2023 Hardwood Flooring Trends

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According to a recent poll, Canadian homeowners spent an average of $13,000 on home improvements between March 2021 and February 2022.

As a property owner, you're constantly on the lookout for ways to make your space more comfortable, beautiful, and valuable. One easy way to make a huge impact is by installing flooring.

We've all heard of oak hardwood flooring but read on to discover these fresh new trends for 2023. From sustainable options to composite hardwood, this guide is sure to inspire your next renovation.

Read on to learn more about this year's popular flooring options.

Sustainable Hardwood

Eco Sustainability is the buzzword for 2023, and savvy homeowners nationwide are looking for eco-friendly interior design options. If you're looking for functionality combined with sustainability, hardwood flooring is a great place to start your search.

Sustainable hardwood options, such as reclaimed wood and bamboo flooring, are gaining immense popularity in 2023. These materials not only provide a stunning look but also contribute to the environment's well-being.

Exquisite Finishes

The finish of your hardwood floors can make or break the aesthetics of your space. This year, matte finishes are reigning supreme. They add a touch of understated elegance to your interiors while providing excellent resistance to scratches and scuffs.

Satin finishes, on the other hand, give your floors a subtle glow. This makes them a timeless choice for any setting or ambience.

Bold Colour Choices

Say goodbye to traditional brown shades! This year is all about embracing bold and diverse colour options. Darker stains, such as rich ebony and deep mahogany, are making waves.

On the flip side, whitewashed and gray-washed hardwood floors are gaining popularity for their modern and chic appeal. These bold colour choices can completely transform your space, adding character and personality.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is the go-to choice for those who want the elegance of hardwood without the maintenance hassles. In 2023, engineered hardwood is becoming more versatile. It's not only moisture-resistant but also available in various styles, making it a perfect fit for kitchens and bathrooms.

Timeless Elegance

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice that never truly goes out of style. In 2023, we see a resurgence of the appreciation for timeless, traditional hardwood looks. Oak hardwood flooring, cherry, and maple are still favoured for their inherent elegance and durability.

Adding texture and distressing to your hardwood floors can give them a unique charm. Hand-scraped and wire-brushed textures are gaining attention. They add depth and character to your floors, making them look like they have a rich history.

Beyond Oak Hardwood Flooring With Millennium

In 2023, hardwood flooring trends are all about celebrating individuality and sustainability. The choices are endless, and the results are always stunning.

If you're looking for a residential flooring solution you can trust, look no further than our team here at Millennium Floor Covering. With over 25 years of experience, we're your one-stop shop for oak hardwood flooring and more in Orleans and the surrounding area.

Reach out today to see how we can help make your interior design dreams a reality.


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