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Different Carpet Types Found at Carpet Stores

A sofa and a carpet in a room

Carpets are an easy way to make your house look great. However, choosing a carpet is not an easy task. There are so many options available that without the right information you will most definitely end up making the wrong purchase for your needs. Millennium Floor Covering provides various flooring products, including carpets. In this blog, we are going to briefly take you through the different carpet types that are available in the market today.

Carpets have four levels of differences: Fiber, construction, texture, dye.

Different combinations of these four factors will produce carpets that have different qualities across the parameters of durability, stain resistance, look and feel.


Fibers used for carpets need to be resilient and durable. Nylon is the most resilient and easy to maintain choice of fiber used in carpets followed by a recently introduced fiber called Triexta, which has permanent anti-stain properties. Polyester and wool are used to make luxurious carpets, but they are relatively harder to maintain, especially wool. There are lesser known fibers like Olefin, which is used to make inexpensive carpets that are durable.


Construction quality of a carpet depends on how densely the fibers are woven together and how tightly twisted the individual fibers in them are. These factors determine how durable and capable of retaining structural integrity the carpets are going to be. The durability and resilience of a carpet is directly dependent on how well it has been constructed.

Woven carpets are made in traditional carpet making styles that have stayed the same for centuries. They are handmade, have intricate and dense weaving patterns that are beautiful, which significantly increases their costs. However, because of the ease in manufacturing, which makes them much cheaper, tufted carpets are the most widely available carpets in the market today.


It can be easily argued that the feel of the carpet is its most important quality. Cut pile carpets have densely woven yarn loops that are cut on the surface and left open ended. The highly luxurious and dense plush (velvet) carpets are made using this technique. Loop carpets have looped yarn that is left uncut on the surface and they make the most durable carpets. There is a variant that combines the techniques of cut pile and loop carpets using a patterned arrangement of high cuts and low loops, giving a pronounced texture to the carpets.


Continuous dyeing and solution dyeing are the two popular carpet dyeing methods, both of which are very effective. Continuous dyeing is more commonly used for woven carpets to achieve solid colours, but it is subject to colour bleeding and fading, so the carpets must be cleaned with care. Solution dyeing, on the other hand, provides strong resistance to colour bleeding from bleach and other strong cleaning chemicals, so they don’t fade easily.

No matter how much you read about it, you will not get a complete picture of what you are looking for in a carpet. You need to physically feel the material and see if it is right for your home. Millennium Floor Covering has flooring products from all the respected suppliers in Orleans under one roof. We have a huge number of flooring options, from hardwood and ceramics to vinyl and carpets. You can ask us for useful tips before you invest in a new floor.

Come check out our store today or contact us for a free estimate on your flooring requirements.


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